Plastic Awareness Campaign

Members: Matthew, Alex, Christine, Mackie

This project is about creating a plastic awareness campaign to create understanding and
awareness about the negative effects that plastic has on our environment. This project includes creating information posters and hosting educational beach clean-ups around Victoria as well as starting the conversation on being plastic-aware. On top of that, we plan to advocate for proper recycling programs within schools.

Cultural Day

Members: Melody, Stefanie, Emma-jane

This project is about creating a social gathering of cultures and arts in the community to celebrate multiculturalism. It’s an opportunity to showcase cultural performances and to enjoy traditional food from different cultures and religious backgrounds. Our vision is to initiate an annual event to allow people in Victoria to embrace the diversity of backgrounds and to promote a stigma-free community.

Date: May 25th, 2019

Location: Victoria City Hall, Centennial Square

Ages: Everyone

Admission: Free

Copy of International Day

Food Poster

Members: Sophie, Rohan, Josh, Finn

This project is about creating a poster showcasing where free youth meals are across Victoria. It will include the 3 meals of the day as well as addresses and ways to get to the free meals.




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