Youth Development Conference

Project title: Youth Development Conference

Participatory Budgeting funding request: $18,000

Organization/Individual: Imagine Studio Café

Location: James Bay

What is your project?

Imagine cafe has been running for over three years with the mandate of providing at-risk youth with safe, inclusive, and stable employment. Over the years we have welcomed street-entrenched youth, individuals battling addictions and severe mental health challenges, and youth involved in the drug and sex trades. By giving these youth the opportunity of employment and comprehensive training, alongside a case management program, we have helped many youth thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

For the Participatory Budgeting Proposal, we are proposing to host a youth development conference over the course of a weekend, where we can provide a greater number of vulnerable youth with a series of workshops related to all aspects of running not only a cafe, but any sort of business. The goal is to not only employ youth, but to give them the opportunity to explore employment options. These workshops will not only be offered to our current youth staff, but to all youth in the community.

How does your project benefit the lives of youth in Victoria?

Our project will benefit the youth in our community by offering an opportunity to learn about what it’s like working in different fields related to hospitality and business. We’re hoping youth will find one area that interests them that they might want to pursue a career in or learn more about. We want to empower youth and show them that they can be successful and give them the confidence to pursue a career.

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