Gorge Waterway Expo

Project title: Gorge Waterway Expo

Participatory Budgeting funding request: $5320

Organization/Individual: Burnside Gorge Community Association

Location: Selkirk Park

What is your project?
Living on Vancouver Island, there is no shortage of water activities for youth to get involved in, but often youth miss out due to socio-economic factors that create a barrier to their participation. The Gorge Waterway Expo is a free one-day event for youth between the ages of 9 and 18. The event will provide an opportunity for youth to try water sports such as Dragon Boating, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking and Canoeing in a safe and supervised manner. We anticipate receiving in-kind support, in the form of boat and board use and qualified guides to supervise each activity, from local organization and companies offering water-based activities. This event will have a festival atmosphere, with food, games and music and will deepen the participating youth’s connection to their community, environment and peers.

How does your project benefit the lives of youth in Victoria?

The primary goal of the event is to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities that may otherwise be prohibitive for them. Whether youth decide to pursue continued involvement in a sport they tried or are just left with memories of a great day outdoors with friends the event will be truly beneficial. The event will enable youth to form new friendships, challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone and connect with organizations that may be able to support their continued involvement in a sport they discover they are passionate about.

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