City of Victoria Meet & Greet

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CVYC met with City Staff and Councilors on November 24th. The Meet & Greet started with a tour of the building. CVYC members got to walk up to the clock tour exactly as the clock struck 5 o’clock to hear the clock bells. Councilors and staff shared their¬†favourite part of representing their communities which includes the ability to be creative and engaging with the emerging and changing needs of community members.

CVYC members shared their thoughts on effective ways for the City to engage youth. Delphina and Zara shared our completed sacred quilt that represented what CVYC members value. Shae-Linn and Kelvin spoke to our community asset map highlighting that public space is experienced differently by different folks based on the intersections of their identity. Rachel broke the ice using her activity on unlearning perfectionism.

The CVYC hopes to continue working closely with City Staff and Council as the new year unfolds and we begin working on our action projects.

Thanks City of Victoria for hosting us!


Community Asset Mapping

CVYC has been working together on a community asset mapping exercise. We have been identifying the following:

  • Youth friendly zones
  • No-go/unsafe zones
  • Youth programs and services
  • Places we like to hang out

We have also been brainstorming what we want in our city. Some ideas include Рrotating open mic nights, affordable housing, more youth programs in our neighbourhoods, another sexual assault center, community garden plots, more accessible transit, and public art. 

Conclusions from our community asset map:

  • Depending on our identity, safe spaces for some people might be no-go zones for others
  • Programs and services for youth as well as the places we like to hang out are mostly centralized in the Downtown Victoria area
  • Public parks and beaches are some of the main places we like to hang out and spend our time with friends and family
  • Transportation is a major accessibility issue for us