Youth Programs Funding Committee

Steering Committee Members Wanted for  Youth Participatory Budgeting Date: Tuesday, December 18 For Immediate Release VICTORIA, BC – The City of Victoria and the City of Victoria Youth Council are seeking 12 volunteers to serve on the Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee for 2019.  After a successful pilot last year, the City has committed to ParticipatoryContinue reading “Youth Programs Funding Committee”

Become a Social Inclusion Guide

Are you a storyteller? Interested in how the past shapes the present? Do you have a passion for social justice? If any of this sounds like you, join the Social Inclusion Guides hosted by the City of Victoria Youth Council. Work in a collaborative group to research the untold stories of Victoria. Stories of oppression,Continue reading “Become a Social Inclusion Guide”

Join City of Victoria Youth Council 2017-2018

The City of Victoria Youth Council (CVYC) is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 programming year.  CVYC is a youth-driven, grassroots program that offers opportunities for civic engagement to youth who live, work, hang out or go to school in the City of Victoria. We believe that youth are key stakeholders and should be included in decisions that affectContinue reading “Join City of Victoria Youth Council 2017-2018”

Call It Out! A Dialogue on Migrant Justice

June 7, 6pm-8pm Cafe Fantastico Specialty Coffees, 965 Kings Rd. RSVP Here. Are you an immigrant, refugee, migrant or just curious? Come engage in discussion on migrant justice issues. Hear from guest speakers on issues including racism and anti-migrant sentiment, education and skills transfer for newcomers, and why citizenship is a loaded word. Join CVYC inContinue reading “Call It Out! A Dialogue on Migrant Justice”