What is the City of Victoria Youth Council?

  • The City of Victoria Youth Council (CVYC) is a youth-driven, grassroots program that offers opportunities for civic engagement to youth who live, work, hang out or go to school in the City of Victoria
  • We are hosted by the Quadra Village Community Centre in partnership with the City of Victoria
  • We actively seek out collaborations and partnerships
  • We emphasize leadership and skill development to help youth access City Hall

Our Vision

  • To collaborate on initiatives that creates positive impact in Victoria and surrounding communities

Our Objectives

  • To provide a voice for youth to be heard in our community
  • Collaborate to create community resources for youth to engage in
  • To create positive change and make recommendations to the municipal government on behalf of youth
  • To collaborate with the Mayor and Council on strategic planning and implementation of campaigns that youth in our communities are passionate about
  • Take action and raise awareness about issues important to youth

We believe:

  • Youth are key stakeholders and should be included in decisions that affect them and their communities as a whole
  • Young people are capable individuals and bring many talents, assets, and abilities to municipal governance, Mayor and Council, city staff, and the community
  • Injustices and inequities should be recognized and addressed by youth and other community members

This Means:

  • We strive for inclusion with influence, not tokenism, within the CVYC and in our relationship with the municipal government
  • We are committed to reflecting the diversity of youth through our work
  • We are committed to learning, being challenged, and collaborating whenever effective, and
  • We strive to create a space that is respectful, inclusive, and fun for all participants

Our Definition of “Youth”

  • Individuals who are between the ages of 14-24 and live, go to school, work and/or access services in the municipality of Victoria

Terms of Reference

  • To provide opportunities for youth to engage in the community
  • To make the city a more youth-friendly place and to represent different youth in the community
  • To provide a platform for action and dialogue in the community


Victoria’s City Council approved the establishment of the City of Victoria Youth Council (CVYC) in April 2005. CVYC was hosted by¬†Lifecycles Society between 2005-2009 and between 2010-2017 BC Healthy Communities Society (BCHC) was the host.¬† In 2018, Quadra Village Community Centre (QVCC) became the new organizational host.

Since local government commitment and community engagement are key to any healthy communities initiative, QVCC is able to provide CVYC with valuable capacity building expertise, resources and supports for connecting with decision makers and the community at large to ensure the youth voice is heard and acted upon.

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