Become a Social Inclusion Guide

Are you a storyteller? Interested in how the past shapes the present? Do you have a passion for social justice? If any of this sounds like you, join the Social Inclusion Guides hosted by the City of Victoria Youth Council.

Work in a collaborative group to research the untold stories of Victoria. Stories of oppression, colonization, resistance, and resilience. The Social Inclusion Guides will conduct research, create a walking-tour, and act as tour guides for local participants

You will receive training in the following areas:

  • Anti-oppression and Identity Politics
  • How to do research (online, library, government archives)
  • Writing scripts and storytelling
  • Public speaking and guiding tours

Perks of participation:

  • Gain skills that look great on job applications
  • Connect with your peers
  • A reference letter upon completion
  • An honourarium upon completion
  • Bus tickets and refreshments at training workshops
  • Learn about your city and community

Eligibility for participation:

  • Ages 14-24
  • Must live, work, study, or hang out in City of Victoria
  • Attend all of the training workshops
  • Be committed to completing the project

If you are interested in becoming a Social Inclusion Guide, please complete and submit a registration form by 5pm on April 30th, 2018.

Workshop dates:
Introduction and Anti-Oppression > Monday, May 7th – 5pm to 8pm
Introduction to research skills > Monday, May 14th – 5pm to 8pm
Collecting stories > Saturday, May 26th – 1pm to 5pm
Storytelling and public speaking > Sunday, May 27th – 1pm to 5pm
Final Touches and practice > Monday, May 28th – 5pm to 8pm
CVYC Pilot > Tuesday, June 5th – 6pm to 8pm

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