Mid-Year Review

CVYC’s 2016/2017 cohort recently cross the mid-year point in our program. We spent some time reflecting on our experience thus far.

We are proud of accomplishing the following:

  • Learning about the realities and legacy of colonization
  • Becoming familiar with our neighbourhoods and connecting with people in our city
  • Strategically planning a community event
  • Community mapping and identifying places in Victoria that are not safe for youth
  • Taking steps to addressing the needs of Victoria’s youth
  • Spending time doing something we are passionate about by being a part of CVYC

This is some of what we have accomplished thus far:

  • We met with City Council and Staff to discuss the issues concerning youth in our city
  • We connected with other community organizations
  • We spent time to learn about colonization and its impacts
  • We have worked towards unlearning colonialism
  • We have planned 3 community projects and have worked effectively in action teams
  • We have increased our knowledge about social justice issues
  • We have all learned to work together and create safe space for collaboration

Here are a few things we hope to do as we move forward:

  • Attend poetry workshops
  • Host an open mic event for youth
  • Raise awareness about mental health resources in the Victoria
  • Identify the housing demands of youth in Victoria
  • Continue exploring decolonization and reconciliation within our communities
  • Build social connections with our community and a strong team culture within CVYC
  • Host one big event planned by the entire CVYC group
  • Participate in a community garden

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